Inteco co-founder appeals his arrest

12:43 02/12/2011

MOSCOW, December 2 - RAPSI. Businessman Viktor Baturin has appealed his detention on charge of fraud, his attorney Igor Shabanov told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/rapsinews.com) on Friday.

"We have appealed the decision to remand him in custody as we believe it is unlawful," Shabanov said.

However, the court's press secretary told RAPSI that Shabanov's appeal has not reached the court. "We have not received any appeal against keeping Baturin in custody," she said.

Baturin came to the Inteco development company's office to cash a counterfeit 10.8 million ruble ($344,800) promissory note. The Inteco staff suspected the note was forged and called the police, who detained Baturin.

He was charged with attempted fraud the next day. The case materials were then sent to court.

The judge authorized remanding Baturin in custody until January 28, 2012.

Baturin declared his innocence and determination "to fight to the end".

Inteco is a diversified company and Russia's development market leader.

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Inteco co-founder appeals his arrest

12:43 02/12/2011 Businessman Viktor Baturin has appealed his detention on charge of fraud
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