Triumfalnaya Square opposition rally - live video

18:53 06/12/2011

The opposition holds a rally against alleged mass election fraud.

Russians voted Sunday to elect the State Duma, the lower chamber of the parliament. The ruling United Russia party, led by the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, collected 49.3 percent of the vote with 99.99 percent of ballots counted as of late Tuesday afternoon.

This is a second such rally held by opposition in Moscow.

According to the police, 300 people were detained in Moscow for unauthorized demonstrations on Monday night. The arrests began after the participants of an authorized opposition meeting arranged a procession toward Lubyanka Square. The meeting was held on the backdrop of the State Duma elections.

Among those detained were opposition leader Ilya Yashin and renowned anti-corruption whistleblower and lawyer Alexei Navalny.

"I was with Alexey Navalny and a fantastic thing happened. They took our belongings, put us into a bus without any signs and drove us to the Vostochny Settlement Interior Department, and then to Kitai-Gorod. We were denied lawyers or any possibility to make a call," Yashin said.

International and domestic vote observers claim to have collected an extensive record of vote fraud.

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Triumfalnaya Square opposition rally - live video

18:53 06/12/2011 RAPSI holds a live webcast of an opposition rally from Triumfalnaya Square, downtown Moscow.
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