MOSCOW, August 30 - RAPSI. Moscow District Court has sentenced four members of a criminal gang to prison terms ranging from five to ten years for large-scale electrode and ferromolybdenum trafficking, the Investigative Committees spokesperson told RIA Novosti today.

The gang included Rusmet company director Igor Medvedev and Vitaly Malkov, a former investigator at the hazardous traffic department of the Bryansk tax office.

The convicts fraudulently declared 50 tons of carbon electrodes at the Moscow regional tax office, causing a loss of over 600,000 rubles ($20,898) to the state. The gang also illegally transported 20. 038 tons of ferromolybdenum worth 23.3 million rubles without declaring the cargo. The illegal trafficking caused over 5.5 million rubles ($191,565) in losses to the state.