About the Agency

The Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) was founded on Feb. 10, 2009 in coordination with the Russian Constitutional Court, Russian Supreme Court, Russian Supreme Commercial Court, and RIA Novosti. Due to the involvement of Russia’s highest courts, RAPSI is uniquely situated to provide its readers with exclusive information directly from the press services of courts of all levels and competencies.


•    To provide the public with timely, objective coverage of Russian and international legal news;
•    To promote transparency and openness of the Russian legal system and law enforcement agencies;
•    To promote legal reform in Russia;
•    To enhance legal literacy both among society at large;
•    To combat legal illiteracy among each of our citizens;
•    To broadcast all sides of every story;
•    To fight corruption and ensure the transparency;
•    To provide conditions for a comprehensive dialogue between all parties of legal relations;
•    To form a platform for discussing topical legal issues.

RAPSI’s audience is comprised of members of the general public, representatives of the legal community and law enforcement agencies, Russian and foreign lawyers and legal experts, business professionals, and the media, as well as anyone else who wishes to receive regular updates on domestic and international issues from a legal perspective.

RAPSI Editor-In-Chief: Oleg Efrosinin (o.efrosinin@rapsinews.ru)

RAPSI First Deputy Editor-In-Chief: Dmitry Shchitov (d.shchitov@rapsinews.ru)

Autonomous Noncommercial Organization “RAPSI – legal information” Director General: Vitaly Ushkanov (v.ushkanov@rapsinews.ru)