MOSCOW, September 26 - RAPSI. The Moscow District Court handed down a two-year suspended sentence to a high-ranking police officer for supporting a multimillion ruble fraud with surveillance cameras, the central investigation board said on Monday.

The Moscow District Court pronounced a sentence for the Moscow police headquarters' deputy head Alexander Chumachenko last Friday but it became known only today.

Earlier, investigators established that Chumachenko was engaged in the criminal scheme arranged by StroyMontazhServis Group head. The company, which operated surveillance cameras of the Moscow security system, sent to police fake footage between June and December 2009. The company fed prerecorded videos to the central video surveillance system. Meanwhile, the Moscow government paid over 30 million rubles ($1 million) for surveillance activities.

The Moscow police are using over 80,000 surveillance cameras to monitor streets, squares, the metro, metro trains and the area near the underground stations.