MOSCOW, May 15 (RAPSI) - Rosbank CEO Vladimir Golubkov and Senior Vice President Tamara Polyanitsina have been detained based on allegations of having accepted a 5-million-ruble ($160,000) bribe, the Interior Ministry announced Wednesday.

"The bank's chief executive demanded $1.5 million from a commercial organization representative to prolong a loan agreement and to sign an additional agreement, with a lower interest rate and monthly payments. He asked the businessman to deliver the money to a senior vice president of the bank," the Interior Ministry reported.

The businessman paid some of the amount, but turned to the law enforcement officials for assistance.

Сonsequently Polyanitsina, the "go-between" vice president, was detained on Tuesday night as she accepted an installment of the payment in the amount of 5 million rubles for her boss.

"She told the police that she was only to deliver the money to the bank's management and agreed to cooperate with the authorities," the ministry reported.

Little is known at this point about Golubkov’s detention.

He was born in 1966 and has headed Rosbank since September 2008. He has been working for the bank since 1999. He served as executive vice president from 2001 to 2003.

Rosbank is a private universal bank within the Societe Generale banking group. It provides banking services to private and corporate clients and has a regional network of over 600 offices in 340 cities and towns across Russia. It is one of the top 10 Russian banks by assets.