MOSCOW, July 9 (RAPSI) – The level of corruption in the world has increased over the past two years, according to Transparency International. However, people’s resolution to fight bribery has gone up too.

The 2013 Global Corruption Barometer, published on Tuesday by the advocacy group Transparency International, is based on a survey of 114,000 people in 107 countries. Although 27% of respondents have paid a bribe over the past 12 months, nine out of ten said they were ready to fight corruption.

In Russia 50% said the level of corruption had increased in the country over the last two years, while 37% believe it had increased “significantly.” On the other hand, 39% said that corruption has remained at the same level as before. While 79% of respondents admitted that corruption was a “serious problem,” 1% said they did not believe it to be a problem at all.

As many as 77% of respondents assessed the government’s anti-corruption efforts as ineffective.

State and government agencies are considered the most corrupt institution by 92% of Russians, followed by the police (89%), the parliament (84%) and the judiciary (83%). As many as 75% said healthcare workers were corrupt.  Forty-nine percent said they had paid a bribe to a healthcare worker and 47% to an education worker.

Only 20% admitted paying a bribe to police officers.

The majority of Russians – 56% –  do not believe that people “in the street” can effectively fight corruption. At the same time 92% of respondents said they were ready to try.