MOSCOW, January 26 (RAPSI) – Experts of Russia’s Presidential Council for Human Rights believe that obligatory examination during the replacement of expired driving licenses contains explicit and implicit risks of corruption.

Earlier, the Moscow driving school union suggested to hold obligatory retraining and driving regulation examination for those replacing their licenses. According to the union, this measure is going to make drivers more attentive to latest regulations changes. In addition, it is proposed to make licenses for the first two years temporary.

The experts, in turn, point out that persons, who have to prove their knowledge of the rules once more, may be prohibited from driving before the exam. As such, there is a risk that these people may be encouraged to pay driving schools without undergoing actual retraining. Also, this may lead to collusion between road police and schools seeking to collect money from drivers not wanting to bother with the exam.

Large amount of money that may be involved in the potential criminal schemes makes the risk all the more threatening. Low value bribes for each individual driver may result in the overall growth of casual corruption in the society as a result, the experts warn.