MOSCOW, August 18 - RAPSI. Former Bank of Moscow president Andrei Borodin filed a claim with the Meshchansky District Court in Moscow for 140 million rubles ($5 million) over the early termination of his employment contract, his attorney Mikhail Dolomanov said on Wednesday.

According to Dolomanov, the law demands that the bank pay the entire remaining amount due to Borodin under his contract no later than on his last working day.

"However, these amounts have not been paid so far. Therefore, we sued the bank in the Meshchansky court for over 140 million rubles plus interest," Dolomanov said.

Borodin headed the bank since its establishment, and was removed from office by court order. Currently, he is staying abroad. Borodin and his former first deputy Dmitry Akulinin have been charged with abuse of office.
VTB, Russias second largest bank, purchased a 46.48% stake in the Bank of Moscow from the Moscow government in February.