MOSCOW, December 7 - RAPSI. Russian commercial disputes should not be heard by international courts outside of the country, Alexei Kostin, the chairman of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's International Commercial Arbitration Court, said at a news conference on international arbitration practice in Moscow on Friday.

"There is no sense in simply transferring to London or Stockholm Russian disputes that do not have any international or foreign components," he said.

Meanwhile, he stressed that there is "nothing negative" about international private law.

When two legal systems and jurisdictions collide, he said, problems can be resolved through various mechanisms, such as a settlement reached by the parties.

When answering a question about the number of disputes that "escape" abroad, Kostin replied that the International Commercial Arbitration Court sees a consistently high number of cases.

He also underscored that the court only considers international commercial disputes.

At the same time, he said, judging from the statistics, only 40 percent of the lawsuits considered by the Stockholm Arbitration Tribunal are international. The rest are domestic lawsuits, he said.