MOSCOW, May 8 (RAPSI) - Over 30 NGOs have been banned for extremism in Russia over the past 11 years following court rulings based on the corresponding law, the Justice Ministry reported on Wednesday. 

The list of NGOs that have been shut down or prohibited from functioning by the courts rulings that came into effect includes 32 organizations, such as the Northern Brotherhood inter-regional public association.

The ruling concerning the association was made last August.

According to authorities, the Northern Brotherhood is an extremist nationalist movement.

The organization was not registered with the judicial authorities. 

Its members do not acknowledge the governments power in Russia, while claiming that they will not violate the Russian Criminal Code. 

In October, 2012, Moscows Gagarinsky District Court sentenced Northern Brotherhood leader Pyotr Khomyakov to four years in prison.

Khomyakov promoted his organization, attracted new members, financed its activities, took part in its meetings and held other managerial responsibilities, according to a press release of the Prosecutor Generals Office. The organizations ultimate objective was to come to power using unconstitutional methods.

After the indictment was pronounced, Khomyakov pleaded guilty to all charges and confirmed that he had entered into a plea bargain.

According to Deputy Chief Prosecutor Viktor Grin, the Prosecutor Generals Office considers the Northern Brotherhood to be among Russias most extremist organizations, alongside the National Socialist Society, the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, the Slavic Union, and the Army of Peoples Will.