MOSCOW, November 18 (RAPSI) - Former Defense Ministry official Yevgeniya Vasilyeva put pressure on witnesses in the Oboronservis case, trying to extort false testimonies from them, the investigator told Moscow City Court, during the hearings over the house arrest of the accused.

«There is a statement from the witness, details classified, in which he tells that there was a pressure put on him» - investigator said. According to him, another person involved in the case, Dinara Bilyalova, said that she has been transported from the Moscow region to some area where unknown people tried to persuade her to give a false testimony.

The investigator insists that there is a need to extend Vasilyeva’s house arrest term until February 23, 2014, fearing that otherwise she would be able to continue her criminal activity, destroy evidence or obstruct the justice in any other way.

In order to prevent this, he asked the court to forbid Vasilyeva from: leaving the house without the written permission of the investigator; communicating with witnesses and other defendants in the case; sending parcels and packages, except for legal documents; walking more than three hours a day and without the written permission of the investigator.

Vasilyeva has been charged as part of a fraud case involving the illegal sales of property, land and shares belonging to the subsidiaries of the state-run Oboronservis holding company. She faces up to six years in prison.