MOSCOW, May 6 (RAPSI) – Investigators have brought 212 child sex crime charges against a member of the local council in the Bryansk Region, Russia’s Investigative Committee announced on its website on Tuesday.

Nikifor Zhukov, 62, a member of the Churovichi council of deputies, is believed to have raped 30 schoolgirls between 11 and 17 years of age in three of the region’s districts from July 2007 to May 2013.

“All of these crimes followed the same pattern: the defendant made acquaintance with girls from low-income families, took them in his car to a deserted place and proposed exchanging sex for money,” the statement reads. “Using persuasion and threats, his physical superiority and the victims’ tender age, Zhukov committed the crimes right in his car.”

He paid the victims between 500 and 1,000 rubles ($14-$28) and warned them against complaining to anyone. He also turned seven of the girls into alcoholics.
The victims’ relatives have filed suits to collect about 20 million rubles (over $558,000) in moral damages from the man. To satisfy this demand, the court has arrested the defendant’s property.