MOSCOW, May 8 (RAPSI) - Thailand's Anti-Corruption Commission has charged former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra with neglect of duty in overseeing a controversial rice subsidy program, Associated Press reports Thursday.

The membership voted unanimously that “there were enough grounds to indict her”, National Anti-Corruption Commission chief Panthep Klanarongran said as cited by the Associated Press.

On Wednesday, the Constitutional Court of Thailand ruled that Ms. Shinawatra must step down for improperly transferring Thawil Pliensri, the secretary general of the National Security Council appointed by the opposition-led administration, in 2011.

The court accepted the arguments of the plaintiffs, a group of senators who believe that Ms. Shinawatra personally benefitted from dismissing Pliensri, because she appointed the national police chief in his place and gave the vacated police post to one of her relatives, Pol Gen Pliewphan Damapong, the TV channel said.

The court ruled that Ms. Shinawatra’s actions were unconstitutional and that her powers must therefore be terminated. It also ruled that the cabinet ministers who attended the meeting held to endorse the unlawful transfer of Mr. Pliensri must also be held responsible and their status terminated.
Experts worry that the court’s ruling could lead to an escalation of political violence in the country.