MOSCOW, June 27 (RAPSI) - Moscow's Presnensky District Magistrate Court has granted a request filed by Norilsk Nickel CEO Vladimir Potanin who sought to limit the right of his former wife Natalya to control the alimony, RAPSI reported from the courtroom.

Potanin asked the court to limit the right of his former wife Natalya to control the alimony by transferring 50% of the monthly payments to his son’s account until he comes of age, Potanina’s attorney Phillip Ryabchenko told RAPSI earlier.

According to the lawyer, Potanin claimed that he paid 25% of his $1 million monthly income in alimony, which is more than his son needs. He believes that the money is not used in his best interests.

Potanin also said that his ex-spouse had initiated litigation against him in foreign courts, alleging that she uses the alimony to pay her attorneys.

Under the Russian Family Code, child support should be enough to maintain the child’s living standards.

Vladimir Potanin and his wife divorced in February. Potanin who runs Russia's OAO GMK Norilsk Nickel has a reputation for philanthropy and endorsed Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffet’s “Giving Pledge” promising to give a significant portion of his net worth to the poor in undeveloped countries.

Natalya Potanina’s lawyers claim the billionaire’s charitable donations are only intended to hide his wealth estimated at $14.5 billion. Natalya is struggling to locate her husband’s assets so that she can obtain a court order for half of them, in accordance with the Russian law.