MOSCOW, August 30 - RAPSI. A Moscow district court has held in favor of Kopernik Property Management (KPM) in its lawsuit against Raissa Navka, mother of Olympic figure-skating champion Tatyana Navka, for payment of her utility services debt, the courts press secretary Evgeniya Pazukhina told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI).

КРМ, which managed luxury housing in central Moscow until February, sued Tatyana to collect over 700,000 rubles ($25,000) for unpaid utility services. However, later it discovered that the owner of the housing was her mother, and forwarded the claims to her.

KPM stated that Navkas mother accumulated a debt of 687,391 rubles for unpaid utility services. In its suit, KPM sought the payment of this amount, plus over 60,000 rubles in penalties

The court ordered Raissa Navka to pay both the debt and the penalties.