NEW-YORK, September 7 - RAPSI. The defense of Russian alleged arms dealer Viktor Bout has submitted a list of 68 questions it intends to ask potential jurors in order to weed out those who are biased against Bout, according to a copy of the document obtained by RIA Novosti.

The court trial is scheduled for October 11.

The United States Attorney's office indicted Bout for conspiring to kill Americans and American officials, along with illegal missile trafficking, and supporting terrorism through cooperation with the Colombian guerilla organization FARC. Bout has denied all charges.

With their questions for potential jurors, Bout's defense attorneys hope to discover if the potential jurors ever heard anything about Bout that could make them prejudiced toward him. They also aim to question the jurors knowledge of Russian-American relations and their attitudes toward Russia.

If Judge Shira Sheindlin approves all of the questions proposed by both the prosecution and defense, each potential juror will be asked a total of 112 questions. The jury selection process is expected to last for several days.

The New York federal district court that is hearing Bouts case has scheduled its next hearing for Wednesday.