MOSCOW, September 22 - RAPSI, Natalya Belova. A commercial court on Thursday set November 10 to hear the lawsuit filed by Nemiroff, Ukraine's largest producer of alcoholic drinks, to invalidate the resolution of Nemiroff Trade House meeting on replacing its Nemiroff's general director, the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) reported from the courtroom.

Nemiroff Trade House distributes Nemiroff's products in Russia.

Nemiroff Holding comprises the Nemiroff management company in Kiev, Alko Invest in Khmelnitsky, Nemiroff in Vinnitsa Region, Nemiroff-Media, Nemiroff Trade House of Russia in Moscow, Nemiroff Polska in Warsaw and Nemiroff International in Budapest.

According to the aforementioned meeting, Vladimir Zhelezov was appointed CEO to replace Grigory Savinov dismissed in June 2011.

Nemiroff Holdings Limited is involved in the hearing as third party, since it is the trade house's majority shareholder and the decision in the lawsuit will affect its rights as well.