MOSCOW, October 4 - RAPSI. The court today awarded former Euroset employee Andrei Yermilov $79,800 for unfounded prosecution, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI).

Euroset is the leading mobile phone retailer in Russia.

Investigators earlier charged former Euroset vice president Boris Levin, his deputy Yermilov along with other former Euroset employees with abduction, extortion and other offenses.

Meanwhile, the Moscow City Court acquitted on December 1, 2010 nine Euroset employees allegedly responsible for the abduction of former Euroset shipping agent Andrei Vlaskin.

The court earlier awarded Mr. Yermilov over 3 million rubles, but the Supreme Court revoked the judgment upon the request of the prosecutor's office and the Finance Ministry.

Former Euroset vice president Boris Levin earlier won over 20 million rubles in compensation for unfounded prosecution.