MOSCOW, October 17 - RAPSI, Natalia Belova. A commercial court registered on Monday a federal authority's appeal against the court order to issue Russol company a license to develop a salt deposit, the court told the Russian Legal Information agency (RAPSI).

The Moscow Commercial Court sided with Russol on June 16 in its lawsuit to invalidate the denial of the Iletsk salt deposit's license reregistration. Initially, the license was provided to Iletsksol in 2001. In March 2010, Iletsksol was reorganized. In June, it applied for license reregistration. Later, its sole participant decided to join Russol and sent a letter to the agency. After the merger, Iletsksol ceased operations.

In January, the Federal Subsoil Use Agency (Rosnedra) considered the reregistration documents and denied them on the grounds that Iletsksol ceased operations in September.

Russol was established in 2007 by the P-Holding for salt industry operations. Its specialization is industrial-use salt distribution and sales.