MOSCOW, November 8 - RAPSI, Alyona Yegorova. A commercial court registered an appeal filed by Nutrinvestholding against the recovery of $13.27 million from the company for UniCredit Bank, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI).

Nutrinvestholding is the parent company of the Nutritek Group baby food producer.

The Nutritek Group was founded in 1990. The group consists of six companies, including the producers of baby foods and specialty nutrition products, as well as logistics and trade firms.

The company owns five factories - three in Russia, one in Ukraine and another in New Zealand.

Nutritek's owner Georgi Sazhinov holds a 40-percent stake in the company. Some 35 percent is owned by Marshall Capital. The remaining 25-percent stake is in free float.
On September 23, the Moscow Commercial Court fully upheld the bank's lawsuit, which sought primary debt and interests from a $9.21 million loan granted to the holding in February 2008.

It was earlier reported that Nutrinvestholding received a loan in 2008. The holding did not fulfill its obligations under the contract and requested to restrict the debt. The bank agreed to do so, and signed additional agreements with the company. However, the holding failed to fulfill its obligations once again. Therefore, Unicredit demanded that the holding repay the loan prematurely.