MOSCOW, November 14 - RAPSI. The court will hear on November 28 a defamation lawsuit filed by former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov against Presidential Administration Chief Sergei Narushkin, Luzhkov's representative Alexei Melnikov told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI).

He seeks to collect $32,760 as a result of Narushkin's accusations that he engaged in corruption in Moscow.

The lawsuit stems from the defendant's allegation that corruption was rampant in the former Moscow government.

The court held a pretrial session on Monday during which the defendant presented his counter-plea. The court is expected to consider the case on its merits on November 28 in a public trial.

After the session, Melnikov told journalists that Luzhkov's position remains unchanged and he will defend his honor and dignity.

The lawyer said his client has never committed any corrupt acts and has never been subject to a criminal investigation. According to Melnokov Luzhkov believes that law enforcement authorities should fight corruption and the complaints, if any, should be brought against them.

Meanwhile, Naryshkin's representative Timur Ganchin told RAPSI that his client believes the lawsuit is ungrounded.