MOSCOW, November 22 - RAPSI. The court will hear on November 23 a lawsuit filed by former Bank of Moscow Vice President Dmitry Akulinin against his case investigator, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) on Tuesday.

The Interior Ministry's Investigative Department opened a criminal case against former Bank of Moscow President Andrey Borodin and his deputy Akulinin in late 2010. Borodin and Akulinin were charged with embezzling 12.76 billion rubles ($411 million) from the Moscow budget through a loan to the Premier Estate company in 2010.

Borodin and Akulinin were charged with abuse of power. A Moscow district court sanctioned their arrest in absentia.

The defense filed the complaint after the investigator refused to hand over several documents related to the case.

On May 17, Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Grin ordered the investigator to remedy any violations committed during the investigation. The investigator responded with a statement claiming that he had not committed any violations.

Furthermore, the investigator refused to give a copy of his statement to Akulinin's attorneys, so they could appeal it, the spokeswoman added.

Investigators believe Borodin, Akulinin and unidentified accomplices inflicted damages to the bank worth 12.5 billion rubles ($402 million). The suspects may face up to 10 years in prison.