MOSCOW, November 22 - RAPSI, Alyona Yegorova. National Reserve Bank (NRB) has filed an appeal against the dismissal of a defamation lawsuit against the Kommersant publisher, the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) reports from the courtroom on Tuesday.

The plaintiff sought 11 million rubles ($354,430) in damages.

The Moscow Commercial Court dismissed on October 5 a lawsuit filed by Alexander Lebedev and his NRB against the publisher.

Lebedev sought a court order to force the Kommersant newspaper to refute an article stating that NRB was prosecuted for embezzling funds allocated to bailout the Rossiysky Capital bank.

The information was published in Kommersant's February 17 edition.

The plaintiffs are dissatisfied with three sections of the article. The newspaper asserted that NRB's shares were assigned to Lebedev's son "on the backdrop of a continuing investigation dealing with the non-targeted use of state funds allocated to bailout the Rossiysky Capital bank."

However, the commercial court decided that the article does not contain negative information about the plaintiffs and, moreover, that the information is true.The court established that the disputed fragments do not say that the laws were violated.