MOSCOW, December 6 - RAPSI. The Supreme Court dismissed Domodedovo International Airport's application requesting to invalidate the Transport Ministry's order, which established in February 2011 requirements for transport security at airports, the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ reported from the courtroom.

The judge validated the airport security regulations obligating not only law enforcement officers but but also other airport employees to maintain order.

According to the application, the disputed act is binding for all transport facilities. Formally they are responsible for preventing terrorist acts, exposing signs of preparation for terrorist acts and other efforts of such kind on a par with law enforcement authorities.

Transport workers are not authorized to detain suspicious persons and take anything from them, the plaintiff's representative said.

On January 24, one week before the disputed order was issued, a terrorist managed to take a bomb through Domodedovo Airport's entrance and detonate it inside the building. The terrorist act killed 37 and injured more than 120.