MOSCOW, December 16 - RAPSI. A London court has dismissed an appeal against the $233,000 award for Boris Berezovsky from the defendants in his defamation lawsuit, including All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, according to the court records made available to the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/

The award made in 2010 was contested by Kazakhstan citizen Vladimir Terlyuk, a co-defendant in the case, who is now living in the UK and seeking asylum.

Berezovsky's claim stemmed from a story broadcast on the RTR Planet international channel on April 1, 2007. According to the story, Berezovsky made up a story that his life was allegedly threatened by the Russian authorities in order to avoid extradition to Russia. Further, the story contained information on Berezovsky's involvement in the death of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko, who fled to the UK in 2000 and died in London in November 2006. Shortly before his death he was granted British citizenship.

An individual called "Pyotr" in the TV story confirmed the allegations. Later Terlyuk turned out to be that man, although he denied it point blank.

Terlyuk's attorney said that $233,000 is too much and requested a detailed damage appraisal. In his view, a $39,000 compensation would be acceptable. Although the court agreed that $233,000 is a substantial amount it has not found any grounds to change it.