December 19

Severnaya Verf shipyard vs

The shipbuilder seeks to refute an article in an online publication published in July 2011. The article implicates that the shipyard maybe embezzling funds from state defense contracts.

December 20


Aeroflot vs VTB 24

Moscow Commercial Court

Aeroflot, Russia's leading airline, seeks to recover losses resulting from the collapse of its online ticket sales system. The accident resulted from a hacker attack on the airline's online ticket sales system on July 16, 2010. The aftermath of the hacker attack was eliminated only a week later.
VTB 24 earlier filed a counterclaim against the airline, claiming $847,000 for expenses and fees for American Express card authorizations, among other damages.
Aeroflot is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, which flies to 898 destinations across 169 countries. Its fleet is based in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.


Nordea Bank vs Su-155 construction company

Moscow Commercial Court

The plaintiff seeks to recover 719 million rubles ($23.79 million) in debt due on loan granted in June 2007.
Nordea Bank is a universal bank, which provides the whole range of banking services to individuals and legal bodies. Nordea, the Scandinavian group, owns a 100% stake in the bank.
SU-155 has been operating in the Russian construction sector for more than 50 years. It includes more than 150 independent companies including 28 industrial enterprises in 17 Russian cities.

December 21


Gazprombank vs Vyborg Shipyard JSC

Moscow Commercial Court

The bank seeks from the shipyard its debt under the August 5, 2011 loan agreement, including 3.7 billion rubles ($121 million) in principle amount.
Established in 1990, Gazprombank is the main bank of its group comprising banking, petrochemical and media assets.
Vyborg Shipyard JSC, a leading shipbuilding enterprise in the North-West of Russia, was established in 1948. Its core business is the building of offshore drilling platforms to develop sea shelf oil deposits.


Estate Museum vs Defense Ministry

Moscow Commercial Court

Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum seeks to quash the auction for the sale of a 20.67-hectar land plot within the museum's preservation area. The Defense Minister ordered to sell the 20.67 hectare land plot on June 21.
The Arkhangelskoye Estate is a historical palace and park established in the late 18th century near Moscow. Renowned collector and art lover Prince Nikolai Yusupov bought Arkhangelskoye in 1810.

December 22


In Re Capital Tour

Moscow Commercial Court

The company reported in April that it had been deleted from the single tour operators' register and is unable to continue its operations. Its total debt then amounted to 1.576 billion rubles ($50.5 million).
Capital Tour was established in July 2003 as the first universal international travel agency. It is one of Russia's top three travel agencies. It sells medium and high-budget tours to 40 countries through more than 20,000 travel companies in Russia, other CIS and Baltic countries.


Development company vs Moscow

Moscow Commercial Court

Kurskaya Ploshchad development company requests from the Moscow government to terminate investment contract to develop a three-star hotel. It also seeks 5.6 billion rubles ($182.6 million) in damages, of which its lost profits amount to 4.195 billion rubles ($136.8 million).
December 23


Baturin vs Inteco

Moscow Commercial Court

Russian businessman Viktor Baturin seeks Inteco company's sale to be declared unlawful.

Inteco reported its sale to Binbank owner Mikhail Shishkanov and Sberbank Investments in September 2011.
Inteco is a leading diversified development company in Russia. The company is owned by Yelena Baturina, Russia's richest woman and the wife of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. Viktor and Yelena founded the company in 1991 on principles of parity.