MOSCOW, December 19 - RAPSI. Investigators have managed to obtain confirmation that a Russian-born child was brutally murdered by his foster father in the United States in 2005, Investigative Committee's spokesman Vladimir Markin said on Monday.

Investigators received testimony of the investigator who looked into the murder case.

"Investigator said the child was brought to hospital unconscious after sustaining a severe head injury," Markin said.

Doctors told the court that Russian Ilya Kargintsev died on August 14, 2005 from the injuries inflicted on him on the same day rather than injuries resulted from his fall two days earlier, as the boy's foster farther Brian Dykstra asserted.

The U.S. attorney's office maintained that the Dykstra's strange behavior following the boy's death, when they moved to another state and quickly buried their adopted son without a grave stone. These actions point at their attempts to conceal the evidence and to hush up the case.

The U.S. court acquitted Dykstra despite all the evidence produced by the attorney's office.

"The Investigative Committee strongly disagrees with the judgment and will keep on looking into the case and collecting evidences to prosecute the Dykstra family under Russian law using Interpol procedure," Markin said.

The Investigative Committee has sent a request for the investigation records and medical examinations to the Foreign Ministry of Russia, Presidential commissioner for children's rights Pavel Astakhov and to the Interpol's National Central Bureau at the Interior Ministry of Russia.