NEW YORK, January 18 - RAPSI. Russian citizen Vladimir Zdorovenin charged with hacking into bank accounts was extradited to New York from Switzerland on Monday, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara reported in his statement on Tuesday.

Zdorovenin, detained in Zurich on March 27 at the U.S. prosecutors' request, was charged on eight counts with hacking U.S. brokerage accounts in U.S. banks, stealing their clients' personal data and defrauding them of "hundreds of thousands of dollars". The documents do not indicate the exact amount.

According to the prosecutor's office, Zdorovenin has also been accused of attempted security market manipulation through his own Internet company.
Zdorovenin is facing up to 142 years in prison, said Bharara.

A criminal case against Zdorovenin and his son Kirill was initiated in 2007. Bharara maintains that they committed fraud from Russia via bogus websites since 2005.

Vladimir's case will be prosecuted by U.S. Magistrate Judge Gabriel Gorenstein. Kirill will remain at large. His whereabouts have not been specified.