MOSCOW, January 30 - RAPSI. The Muz-TV channel's operator TV Services has filed a lawsuit with a Florida court against a U.S. company failing to secure Lady Gaga's performance for the MUZ-TV music awards in June 2012, its owner UTH Russia Limited told RIA Novosti.

Muz-TV and the NWE Talent Agency & Management Company agreed that the latter would secure Lady Gaga's performance for the MUZ-TV music awards in June 2012 in Moscow. Muz-TV transferred 1.5 million to NWE's "escrow account." However, the defendant was unable to secure Lady Gaga's appearance at the ceremony, UTH reported.

UTH noted that TV Services claimed the money back, but received no response.

"Ultimately, TV Services filed a lawsuit with the U.S. court in Florida, seeking to return the funds as well as consequential damages since NWE failed to secure Lady Gaga's services for the required date. The lawsuit was filed on January 26, 2012," the claimant said.

Media earlier reported that TV Services claimed $1.8 million, including $1.5 million as down payment and $300,000 as broker fees. Meanwhile, some media have also reported that TV Services claims compensation for damages.

TV Services is a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of UTH Russia Limited. Two of UTH's main assets are MUZ-TV, a free major Russian music TV channel modeled after MTV in the United States, and the Disney Channel in Russia which is owned 51% by UTH. MUZ-TV has been broadcasting since 1996.