MOSCOW, February 3 - RAPSI. The Tverskoy District Court of Moscow will hear on February 13 the Public Control consumer rights protection society's lawsuit to force McDonald's restaurants to address information non-disclosure issues in selling its products.

The lawsuit is based on the appraisal of McDonald's products conducted upon the society's demand. Vanilla shake, Chicken McNuggets, sauces, Baked Blackberry Pies, Strawberry Ice-cream, shrimps and Milk Shake were examined.

The food was checked to determine if its packaging complies with consumer rights law, government public catering and food standards and diary product technical requirements.

The society reported that the tested products did not meet the required standards.

Chicken McNuggets, shrimps and Baked Blackberry Pie packaging did not contain vital information such as recipe components, food weight and the names of the regulations governing their production.

RAPSI has yet to reach McDonald's for comments.

McDonald's operates about 300 restaurants in Russia daily serving about 1 million customers.