MOSCOW, February 20 - RAPSI. The Constitutional Court stands for strictly obeying all the judgments passed by the European Court of Human Rights, Constitutional Court Chairman Valery Zorkyn told journalists at the Federation Council's meeting on Monday.

The Committee for Constitutional Legislation considered Zorkyn's candidacy on Monday to be reappointed as the court's chairman during the Federation Council's upcoming meeting on February 22.

"I deny the accusations that I called for disobeying the Strasbourg court's decisions. Russia complies with all the court's decisions and the Constitutional Court stands for doing so," he said.

Zorkyn added that about 150 decisions passed by the Constitutional Court refer to and "promote" the European court's judgments.

"I want to emphasize that the Constitutional Court has done a great deal to promote the Strasbourg Court decisions and its legal views, like no other constitutional court in Europe," he added.

Meanwhile, Zorkyn noted that the European court at times overlooks "national peculiarities" in its decisions. Countries are certainly better aware of their own features, he said.

"We are not talking about breaching human rights and ignoring the European Court's decisions. We would like the court to take into account the features of our development while issuing decisions," he said.