MOSCOW, March 2 - RAPSI. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a law severely toughening responsibility for illegal drugs production, storage and sale, the Kremlin's press office reported on Friday.

The law considers drug-related crimes to be grave offences and the property received as a result of crimes connected with illegal drugs trafficking is subject to confiscation.

The law also introduces a more explicit classification system breaking such crimes down into the substantial, considerable and major offences. It also stems tougher punishment for such crimes. For instance, major drug sale will be punishable by life imprisonment.

Tougher responsibility has been set for drug trafficking including for precursors smuggling.. Additionally, the Administrative Offence Code is added by the article stipulating the responsibility of individuals for illegal precursors trafficking, if these actions do not qualify for a crime. Recently such responsibility has been imposed only on legal entities.

The law will come into effect 180 days as soon as it is officially published.