MOSCOW, March 21 - RAPSI. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has proposed to impose a lifetime dismissal from office for officials and public servants convicted of serious corruption offenses.

The chamber emphasized in the five-year Legislative Modernization Concept that today's anti-corruption measures are insufficient, according to the Interior Ministry's statistics for 2011. The ministry reported that the average bribe amount increased up to $10,000.

The corruption level remains high in Russia, according to a chamber survey. Twenty-six percent of those surveyed said the corruption level is a burden for business, while 13 percent said that "it is extremely high, preventing business growth and development."

Experts say it is necessary to bring Russian law into line with international legislation, to ratify the UN anti-corruption convention and to develop an anti-corruption inspection institution.

The chamber also proposes increasing the inspection period by at least one month. The period is presently regulated by governmental services and can last three to four days.