MINSK, April 13 - RAPSI. Russian commercial courts will follow the example of Belarusian economic courts while implementing mediation procedures for resolving business disputes out-of-court, Supreme Commercial Court Chairman Anton Ivanov said at a news conference in Minsk on Friday.

"Court mediation has reached a high level in Belarus. And Russia has so far failed to implement such procedures," Ivanov said. "We would be glad to deprive courts of excess cases. Commercial courts have a tremendous load at the moment."

He complained that MPs have failed to adopt a law on introducing mediation procedures.

"The primary goal is to convince our MPs that duly organized mediation procedures do not lay the foundation for corruption. We will attempt to pass the law in parliament," Ivanov said.

Meanwhile, Belarusian Supreme Economic Court Chairman Viktor Kamenkov said he will study Russia's e-justice experience. He added that the issue is especially poignant given the development of cooperation between Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan in the Unified Economic Space.