MOSCOW, April 19 - RAPSI. Former head of processing company ChronoPay Pavel Vrublevsky, charged with masterminding a hacker attack on Aeroflot's web site in 2010, demands to prosecute agents of the Federal Security Service (FSB) as well as a police investigator, defense attorney Lyudmila Aivar told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ on Thursday.

"We have studied the case and have concluded that the majority of the evidence was falsified and thus should be considered invalid," Aivar said. She also explained that FSB investigators went "beyond court-authorized sanctions" and carried out investigative activities breaching the constitutional rights of the defendant. For one thing, the investigation was carried out beyond the legal time-frame.

"We therefore seek to start criminal proceedings for violation of the right to confidentiality of correspondence, telephone conversations, mail, telegrams and other means of communication as well as for the infringement of the right to the inviolability of the home," Aivar said. These offenses are punishable by up to four years in prison.

The defense will also seek to start proceedings against the police investigator in charge Vrublevsky's case.

Vrublevsky was charged with organizing a DDoS-attack on the Aeroflot airline's web site which is run by Assist processing company. As a result, Aeroflot's online ticket sales system was down for several days. According to the investigation, Aeroflot and Assist sustained damages worth over one million rubles ($34,000).