MOSCOW, April 25 - RAPSI. Experts have found attorney Dagir Khasavov's appeal to introduce a sharia court in Russia to be a provocation.

Khasavov spoke of the necessity to introduce the court in an interview with a local TV station. He said the Muslim community will establish its own rules and blood will be shed if obstacles arise.

"Obviously, this is another provocation," Abdul-Vakhed Niyazo, adviser to the chairman of the Russian Mufties Council, told RIA Novosti.

Sharia courts can be introduced only in a religious country and Russia is a secular state, Albir Krganov, a member of the Russian Public Chamber and a Moscow mufti, told RIA Novosti.

The Interior Ministry is reviewing the interview for possible signs of extremism.

The Russian legislative system does not provide for religious courts.