MOSCOW, April 28 - RAPSI. The Prosecutor General's Office has declared that it has obtained the seizure of a 13 million euro property in France owned by self-exiled oligarch Boris Berezovsky.

"At the request of the Prosecutor General's Office, property obtained through crime, worth over $320 million, has been seized in foreign countries... In particular, Boris Berezovsky's property in France, estimated to be worth about 13 million euros, has been seized," says a report on the state of law and order in 2011 prepared by the office.

It became known in February 2011 that the French law enforcement authorities seized two yachts reportedly belonging to Berezovsky.

A French court later overturned the seizure as it ruled that Berezovsky was not the owner of the yachts. The Prosecutor General's Office challenged the decision; there is no information about subsequent developments.

Russian law enforcement bodies have had their eye on Berezovsky since the late 1990s, when a high-profile fraud scandal broke out: Berezovsky was a major shareholder of Andava Swiss, a company accused of embezzling Aeroflot funds.

The Savyolovsky District Court found Berezovsky guilty of defrauding Aeroflot of 215 million rubles ($7.3 million) and sentenced him to six years in jail in absentia in 2007.

Berezovsky was granted political asylum by the UK. The Russian authorities have repeatedly requested his extradition, but so far without success.