MOSCOW, May 2 - RAPSI. The Supreme Commercial Court has registered Auchan and Atac's petition to review the court ruling affirming the antimonopoly service's resolution that the retailers violated trade law.

The Moscow District Federal Commercial Court refused to reverse the watchdog's decision on February 10.

Auchan and Atac sought to invalidate the Federal Antimonopoly Service's November 2010 decision that the retailers imposed unfavorable contractual conditions on bakeries.

The service analyzed the contractual practice of bread-baking plants, which increased their prices in July and August 2010. It added that the terms of the contracts between the plants and the retail chains did not comply with trade law. The watchdog also ordered Auchan and Atac to resolve these contractual arrangements in accordance with the law.

Meanwhile, Auchan Russia Legal Department head Dmitry Khrushchalev told RIA Novosti earlier that no bakery accused Auchan or Atac of imposing unfair market conditions on them.

The Auchan international retail group was established in 1961 by Gerard Mulliez. It runs over 1,200 outlets in 13 countries. Auchan has operated in Russia since 2002 where it has 25 Auchan megastores, 13 Auchan City megastores, two Auchan Garden stores and two Raduga stores as of June 2010.

Atac is an Auchan subsidiary. It comprises the Atac and Simply Market supermarket chains.