MOSCOW, May 15 - RAPSI. The defendants in the Borodino Museum and Reserve case on fraud have pleaded not guilty in court.

Maya Sklyuyeva, deputy head of the Borodinskoye rural settlement in the Moscow Region, stated at the first hearings that she is not guilty. The other suspects have said the same.

The district administration, the victims in the case, have been named a civil plaintiff in the case. The administration's representatives have submitted a lawsuit against Sklyuyeva to recover $330,000 in inflicted damages. The lawsuit also claims the return of land to the administration.

According to the investigation, in 2009-2010 the deputy heads of Moscow Region's Borodinskoye settlement tampered with several documents, which resulted in allowing the construction of dachas on ten land plots within the territory of the State Borodino War and History Museum and Reserve.

Investigators established that over 100 houses and different household outbuildings were built within the reserve.

Investigators maintain that Maya Sklyuyeva, together with Sergei Sklyuyev, Raisa Gavva and Alexander Gritskevitch, relatives of Sklyuyeva, appropriated four land plots, worth $75,000 each.

The State Borodino War and History Museum and Reserve is considered a cultural and heritage site of federal importance. According to legislation, only maintenance work can be carried within the territory.