MOSCOW, May 28 - RAPSI. Investigators suspect 18-year-old activist Alexandra Dukhonina of inciting mass disorder in Moscow on May 6 and will likely request her arrest, her defense attorney Grigory Shkalikov told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ on Monday.

"She is suspected of calling for mass disorder and the use of force against police officers. Investigators are expected to request the court to detain her soon," Shkalikov said.

He said investigators interrogated Dukhonina and held face-to-face questioning with a special police force officer, who said she was shouting and throwing stones in the crowd.

"Alexandra does not deny her participation in the protest on Bolotnaya Square, but said she had not committed any violent acts," Shkalikov said.

He said the case was opened on May 6 while the investigative group consists of 100 investigators.

The opposition held the March of Millions in Moscow on May 6, which resulted in clashes with police. Several police officers were injured and over 400 people were detained for breaking the law. The opposition later held protests in Moscow, while the ruling United Russia party developed a draft bill proposing to toughen responsibility for violations at rallies. United Russia proposed increasing fines 100-fold.