MOSCOW, June 4 - RAPSI. The court has finished the preliminary hearings in the case of the Pussy Riot punk gang, their defense attorney told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/

The group of five masked female punks performed a protest song titled, "Holy Sh*t," at the altar of the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow on February 21. The lyrics included lines such as, "Holy Mother, Blessed Virgin, Chase Putin Out!" The video was posted online and evoked a massive public outcry.

Pussy Riot said their performance was a reaction to Orthodox Church head Patriarch Kirill's backing of then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the run-up to his landslide March 4 election victory. The patriarch called the 12 years of Putin's rule a "miracle of God" during a televised meeting.

The lawyer said the defense can now study the case documents. He also said he received the results of two examinations confirming that the Pussy Riot did not mean to incite hatred or religious enmity.

What they did wrong was that they insulted the feelings of believers, the lawyer said.

He added that the results of the third examination contradicted the previous two and stated that the women aimed to incite religious hatred.

RAPSI has yet to obtain comments from investigators.