MOSCOW, June 18 – RAPSI. Popular TV host Kseniya Sobchak, who has recently come out as an opposition activist, may be charged with tax evasion, Izvestia newspaper reported on Monday.

The reason for these suspicions emerged during a search of her apartment, when 1,392,000 euros packed in envelopes were discovered. The photos of the metal box and money were posted on the Internet soon after the search.

Sobchak earned about 5 million rubles (122,220 euros) in 2009, 4.5 million rubles (110,000 euros) in 2010 and 6.7 million rubles (163,800 euros) in 2011, so it would have taken her about 10 years to accumulate such an amount.

The searches of her and other opposition activists’ apartments were conducted as part of investigations into the May 6 riots in Moscow.

If the tax service can prove tax evasion, Sobchak will have to pay a fine and other expenses which could amount to 20 percent of the concealed sum or 40 percent if the tax evasion is deemed willful, said Sergei Vrlamov, a partner of Nalogovik law firm. The fine for the last three years may exceed five million rubles (122,220 euros).

Sobchak claims it was provocation and intends to sue the law enforcement authorities for violation of privacy.