MOSCOW, June 19 - RAPSI. The Tverskoy District Court of Moscow has questioned on Tuesday witnesses and victims in the criminal case on the severe public unrest in central Moscow on December 11, 2010.

According to the officials, as many as 5,000 football fans and nationalists caused public unrest after FC Spartak fan Yegor Sviridov was shot dead. At least thirty-two people were injured in the riots.

Law enforcement authorities opened dozens of criminal proceedings against the rioters. A separate case was opened for assaulting police officers.

The three victims and two witnesses in the case are riot police officers.

Witness Boris Kovtunov said the rioters threw metal rods, snow and Christmas tree decorations at the police. However, he could not recognize the defendants.

Another witness Igor Molodtsov said the rioters were aggressive. They insulted the police and shouted fascist slogans, he said.

The crowd used force to penetrate the police barrier, threw hedge rods and bottles, and called on the crowd to beat the officers, the witnesses said.

The rioters also swore and injured the police, wounded officer Stanislav Timakov told the court. He recognized two of the defendants.

Timakov also said he managed to strike a weapon from one of them while the attacker was pointing at the police.

The court is expected to study the written evidence on June 22.

 It will then interrogate the defendants.