MOSCOW, June 25 - RAPSI. The Supreme Commercial Court has rejected the Ostankinskiy Diary Factory's application to review judgments dismissing its defamation lawsuits against the MAXIM magazine.

In November, the Ninth Commercial Court of Appeals turned down the factory's request to recognize information published in MAXIM as damaging its reputation.

The court then reversed the trial court's decision to satisfy the claim.

The appeals court judgment was also upheld on February 20.

Later, the factory filed an appeal with the Supreme Commercial Court to have the case reconsidered under supervisory procedure.

The litigation stems from the December 2010 issue of MAXIM, which included a picture of a man holding a package of "36 Kopecks" milk produced by the plant, a crying child and the words, "Dad, Dont Drink! The Number of Idiot Children is Growing in Russia Every Year."

The factory said the picture damaged its reputation and sued the owner of the MAXIM magazine - the AFS Publishing House - and Chief Editor Alexander Malenkov.

In its ruling, the court noted that the plaintiffs arguments provide no grounds for referring the case for review to the court's presidium.