MOSCOW, June 26 - RAPSI. Lawyer for Russian flight attendant Marina Talashkova arrested in Canada upon the United States' request has applied for her release on bail.

Talashkova's lawyer Tyler Hodgson told the Russian Legal Information Agency that her extradition hearing was initially scheduled for June 22, but was then delayed until July 19.

During the hearing, the court will consider the motion to release her on bail.

Talashkova, 24, was arrested in mid-January upon the United States' request on the suspicion of being involved in a multimillion-dollar fraud scheme. In April, a Toronto court extended her arrest on charges of complicity in fraud, while the United States asked for her extradition.

The case materials are in a Nevada court and the U.S. authorities have filed an extradition request.

The U.S. Attorneys Office maintains that Talashkova and five other suspects opened bank accounts using fake documents and withdrew funds transferred to the accounts. Her attorney claims that the prosecution has failed to produce compelling evidence of her involvement in the crime.

Russia insists on Talashkova's early release. According to Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, Russia believes that the charges against her have been invented.