MOSCOW, July 5 - RAPSI. On July 6, the Parliament will review a draft law categorizing non-profit organizations with political leanings as foreign agents if they are financed from abroad, Liberal-Democratic deputy Yaroslav Nilov told journalists after today's Duma meeting.

The draft law on foreign agent status of non-profit entities was submitted by United Russia on June 29. One of the bill's sponsors, Alexander Sidyakin, earlier told RIA Novosti that the new law can be adopted in July and enacted this fall.

Under the proposed legislation, any Russian non-profit organization that is active in politics and funded from abroad should be entered into a special registry. The particular source of financing is irrelevant. Funds may come from governmental, international or other such organizations; individuals; legal entities or stateless persons.

Any monetary transaction, i.e. any transfer of funds from a foreign source to a Russian non-profit organization, will be placed under compulsory control if the amount is equal to, or greater than, 200,000 rubles ($6,000). However, the limit is not set in stone and could be subject to change when parliament discusses the bill.

Any organization affected by the law will be required to attach a financial statement detailing its activities to its annual report. This information will then be submitted to the lower house by the Justice Ministry.

The new law will apply to entities that have engaged in political activities - regardless of their charter-stipulated objectives or the type of work carried out - or that hold political events intended to influence governmental decisions, change state policy or impact on public opinion.

Furthermore, affected organizations will be required to indicate when distributing information via media outlets or the Internet that these materials are from a foreign agent source.