MOSCOW, July 10 - RAPSI. Moscow gay parade movement founder Nikolai Alexeyev filed an appeal with the Moscow City Court against the ban on sexual minorities holding parades in the capital over the next 100 years, he told the Russian Legal Information Agency on Tuesday.

He added that the Moscow gay parade's organizers notified the city authorities about parades that will be held in 2012 and also over the next 100 years on August 23.

The organizers earlier asked the Moscow government to allow the parade in the capital on May 26-27. They expected nearly 1,000 people to gather to participate in the parade and up to 300 people to participate in several rallies.

The authorities ruled against the parade, stating that the public reacts negatively to gay rallies.

"People believe any sex-related mass protests in public places are provocative by nature, harm children and teenagers and humiliate human dignity," the city authorities said.

The organizers said the authorities are breaking the law and their decision runs counter to the Strasbourg court's judgment in the Alekseyev v Russia case, which ruled that bans on gay parades in Moscow are illegal.