MOSCOW, July 11 - RAPSI. The draft law on foreign agent status of non-profit entities has been prepared for the second reading, according to Izvestia newspaper.

The law will not apply to government corporations, government, municipal and publicly-financed institutions, as well as religious and charity organizations.

The draft law was submitted by United Russia on June 29. Under the proposed legislation, any Russian non-profit organization that is active in politics and funded from abroad should be entered into a special registry. The particular source of financing is irrelevant. Funds may come from governmental, international or other such organizations; individuals; legal entities or stateless persons.

More than 100 amendments were submitted, but deputies have adopted only some of them. The law will not apply to state-run corporations, government, municipal and state-financed institutions and, as previously stated by Izvestia, to religious organizations.

Deputies decided to specify what is meant by "political activity." It will not cover non-profit organizations engaged in science, healthcare, the protection of motherhood and childhood, disabled persons, animals, culture, art, healthy lifestyle promotion and charity work.

The second and the third readings of the draft law in the State Duma will be held on July 13.