MOSCOW, July 23 - RAPSI. Eskerkhan Mutalibov, a former Transaero shareholder who claims that his shares in the airline were taken from him fraudulently, is determined to assert his rights in London's High Court of Justice, he told Izvestia.

Mutalibov, who lives in the United Kingdom, said that he had spoken with major British law firms, one of which represents Roman Abramovich. He was told that he has a good chance of winning his case at the High Court of Justice. Moreover, the British lawyers have promised to have an injunction imposed on the airline's property in Britain for the period of trial, as this is common practice for British courts.

Previously, the Moscow Commercial Court dismissed Eskerkhan Mutalibov's lawsuit to recover $50.04 million from the airline.

Registrars Reestr and Computershare Registrar were involved as co-defendants.

According to the Transaero shareholders list, Mutalibov held five percent of the airlines shares in May 2003. However, he was not included in the list prepared for the next annual shareholders meeting in May 2004.

Mutalibov's claim reportedly states that he neither sold his shares, nor signed sale documents. He also holds that he never received any money for his lost shares.
Transaero was established in 1990. It has a 76-aircraft fleet and operates flights to over 160 destinations in Russia, Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.
Transaero's stock has been traded on MICEX since March 29, 2011.

Alexander and Olga Pleshakov directly control 43 percent of its shares. Head of the Interstate Aviation Committee Tatyana Adonina holds a three percent stake, Lev Khasis owns 6.48 percent and Transaero-Finances owns 4.23 percent of the company. According to Russian Accounting Principles, Transaero's net profit more than tripled in 2011 to 1.83 billion rubles ($57.08 million).